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Body Sealer


We have partnered up with the Manufacturer & Supplier of BodySealer “no refrigeration” Body Bags.  BodySealer heat sealed pouches are sold worldwide to Funeral Homes, Hospitals, Coroners, and the Military. BodySealer is used for the Bio Containment of  infectious human & animal remains. Body Sealer is made in the U.S.A.

Roll Cut To Size Pouches Approximately 25 Per Roll $1100
Pack Of 3 Pouches

Why Use BodySealer?

1.   The BodySealer system is easy to setup &  fast to use!  All you need is a BodySealer pouch, a heat sealer and access to electricity.  In  about 5 minutes you can quickly & completely heat seal any deceased.

2.    Refrigeration of stored bodies is not needed when sealed in a BodySealer body bag.  Gases and liquids are trapped and congeal inside the pouch.  There is no stench of decay.  There is no need for refrigerated trucks or extra cold storage.  A huge savings on for morgues and hospitals.

3.   To start using BodySealer, unfold the bag so it is open flat on a table.  Place the deceased on one half and fold the other half over.  Use the clips included with your roll to hold the pouch secure.  Visit our Video Page for step by step instructions.

4.    BodySealer body bags are designed to be heat sealed and contain any deceased odors and liquids. Unlike traditional body bags with zippers that can break, leak and tear, BodySealer is sealed airtight.

5.   To seal a BodySealer Body Bag, start with in the corners and work your way around the pouch sealing and crimping the edges with the heat sealer.  Usually in 5 minutes or less, the pouch can be sealed airtight with no leaks or escaping odors.  Visit our Video Page for step by step instructions.

6.    Pouches can but cut to any length needed such as for smaller cadavers or specimens. If you purchase BodySealer by the roll, you can cut off as much or as little as needed.  With our Pandemic Packs, BodySealer comes as individual pouches – 7 feet long by 40″ wide.  BodySealer can also be enlarged along any edge if necessary by heat sealing additional material.

7.   Maximum weight capacity of each pouch is 400 lb.

8.   Confirming your bag is sealed is easy.  Once you heat seal the bag all the way around, try pushing air out in various areas.  If no air escapes, the bags are sealed properly.

9.   Can the BodySealer Body Bag be Cremated?   Yes, BodySealer can be cremated.

10.   Can BodySealer be X-Rayed?   Yes, BodySealer can be X-Rayed.

11.  Unlike other heat sealed body bags, Body Sealer is completely manufactured in the U.S.

12.  Use BodySealer for Crime Scene Evidence hermetically sealing body remains.


Further benefits and points:

  • Tested at Clemson University and used by the US Government.
  • Designed for absolute containment of infectious pathogens and bio terrorism. Bio Safety Level 4 containment (BSL-4)
  • BodySealer material is made of layers of plastic and a metal foil barrier to make a very strong yet flexible bag
  • Material has a clear area to mark decedents information and DOD.
  • OSHA compliant and meets IATI guidelines. CDC specified body bag for safe handling of human remains infected with Ebola.