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Domestic Shipping Of Remains

When a loved one passes away in another city or state we handle all of the details that to get your loved one back home to the funeral home of your choice in a timely manner.

We work with funeral homes that have extensive knowledge and expertise with the preparation and transportation.

International Shipping Remains

We have experienced case managers that work with the Embassy's around the globe in processing all the documentation as well as any  needed translations.

We assist with both in and outbound the flights. This process is a lengthy processes as it involves many different agencies  we strive to work with the Coroner, Funeral Director, Consulate, Embassy, Translator, and Airlines to ensure the shortest turn around time possible. 

Domestic Shipping Of  Cremains

If you are shipping with in the United States this is is a simple do it yourself process however the only shipper you can use is the United States Post Office Click here for complete directions

International Shipping Cremains

We provide full service shipment of cremains we will work with the American embassy as well as the receiving countries consulate/embassy fill out and file all documents required to ship cremains outside of the US in addition we will make all necessary flight and ground transportation arrangements.